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You know about April MOP ?
Today I have Unique experience. When I logging in earning site (PTC) I saw my amount be $1000000,455 although I never upgrade my account on there.

How could be that ?
I don't know !! ^_^
I never hacking the system and I'm never invest money to rent referrals or upgrade my account.

So the explain for this event is "APRIL MOP"
do you agree with me ?

or you can give me some suggest or advice to improve my earning !

hari ini tanggal 1 april, aku terkejut melihat balance di account ptc ku.
kok bisa ?
iya .. soal nya, aku melihat bahwa uang ku menjadi $100000 ( lihat di photo )

mungkin anda bertanya-tanya, bagaimana kok bisa begitu .... ?
JAWABAN nya adalah .. JOIN DI SINI