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Say 'No' to Vandalism, Say 'yes' to Murals

Sweeping a paintbrush on public properties like walls or bridge isn't always an act of vandalism. It is Rudy, a student of graphic design, who has convinced people that painting on public properties is not destructive at all. It is a kind of art called Mural. His hobby, painting, made him famous among his clients not only as a mural artist, but also as a tattoo artist and body painter. Can you imagine, by creating a beautiful tattoo in sophisticated patterns, he earns $30. And, together with his team, he can make millions dollar creating a piece of Mural !

He has participated in many tattooing, mural making and Body Painting Events. And recently he was the second winner of a body painting competition. Although they are not though at campus, tattooing and body painting can be learned with the help of magazine or the internet. Many of his costumers, who are mostly teenagers, prefer batik patterns and gothic style.

So, if you have hobby. Make the hobby be professional and profitable hobby then you will produce a lots money !