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Shoot me and I will pay you

I have friend is a part time photographer specializing in weddings and graduations. Having been interested in photography since junior high school, he decided to learn photography at Photography School. It's a school for those who already have the basic skills in photography.

At first , he did not think about making money with him hobby, but one day some of him friends asked he to take their pictures and paid for them. The result seemed to be wonderful so that more and more people got to know his talent. His reputation as a photographer is spread by word of mouth alone.

To be a professional photographer, he adds, you must meet some requirement. First, you have to be able to measure your capability in taking pictures: are your photos marketable ? Then you need to have a network of costumers to promote your products efficiently. "A Doctor who was satisfied with my work has recommended me to the hospital where he worked, and they put me in charge of the new photos for their brochures, he gives an example. Third, you have to equip yourself with useful devices like camera, background lamps, background curtains, etc. Fourth, take pictures as frequently as you can and study the results.
Finally, you know your costumers and what makes them HAPPY !