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Artistically Yummy

Being fond of cooking and making cookies, Anis Mustaah Studied at hotel academy after graduating from high school, majoring in Pastry Bakery. Her experience of working in a hotel for about 5 years sharpened her skills as a chocolatier. She is been working as an instructor and a Bakery Technician Advisor (chocolate consultant) at D Net-32 Km since she quit working in the hotel.

She is interested in chocolate because everybody likes it and it can be molded artistically so that it looks much more attractive."The wilder your sense of art is, the more fantastic your chocolate will look," she adds. But having a sense of art alone is not enough: mastering the method of melting chocolate correctly and mixing chocolate with other ingredients properly is also a must. Beside at D Net-32 Km, Anis has learned all these skills in Jogjakarta.
Cheers for ANIS