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Paragliding is one of the aero sports using elliptical parachutes called gliders. In Indonesia, together with hang gliding (gantole in Indonesian, this sport is organized by Persatuan Layang Gantung Indonesia (PLGI). David A. teak, a tandem master and one of the paragliding pioneers in Indonesia, gives us all we want to know about paragliding.

Yes, Paragliding is one of the extreme sports. Compared with the aero sports, paragliding is the cheapest. If you have a glider, that's the equipment for Paragliding, you can do it for free ! Isn't that cool ?

if you want to rent a glider, with RP 75,000 you can rent it the whole day long. As for the outfit, you don't have to wear a special outfit. A pair of jeans or a training suit, ankle protecting shoes, gloves and a helmet is all you need. But the thing is, you have to be a pilot to fly. Yes, the person who paraglides is called a pilot ( sounds cool, huh ? ) What to do to be a pilot ?

First, you have to go through a basic training which takes 4 meetings, costing RP 1.8 million which includes the rent of the equipment. But for Rp 4 million you get the basic training and another 4 meeting training to get a pilot license. A license is necessary for you to go paragliding in other places, or even other countries. Unless you have a license, you can't fly solo. As a student pilot, you don't have a license just yet, but you will get a pasport. In this sport, you have to keep a logbook, that is the note to see how often you have flown. With this logbook, you can get to the higher rank of pilot.
You don't have to have a license if you only want to get a bird eye view and get a sense of flying. You can always do it in tandem, fly with a tandem master. Flying Tandem costs Rp 200,000 and if the weather is good, you can enjoy it up two hours !
Imagine that!
And if you you are good enough, who knows, you can be a national paragliding athlete ! WOW ! So check out for school of Paragliding.

David says that the easiest indicator to know whether the weather is good is an eagle. if you see an eagle fly, then its a perfect time for flying. " We also work together with birdwatchers. Usually we'd spot the birds first. we inform them when we see a bird or a group of birds, so that they can come over and do bird watching" wrapping up his explanation.