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Star Gazing

Of course you can only do it at night, and better with no lights around, because the STARS would then be easier to see, that is, and assuming that the weather is clear. WHY ? Because from earth, stars look like small flames, and with lights around us, those flames fade.
" NOvember and December " skies display a breathtaking spectacle that we shouldn't miss. We can watch the stars best from 2-4 AM, when rhe northern sky puts on show these beautiful objects which are then visible to the naked eye.
So Star Gazing can always be done without special tools. Be awake early in the morning while the sky is clear and full of stars. Put on our jacket, go to the backyard, turn off the lights around, and watch a superb show in the giant dome, the sky.
There are three episodes of the show: The Bull, the Hunter, then the Lion accompanied by the Great Bear. Taurus, the Bull, is notable for the Hyades ( a V-shape cluster of stars, imagined as the Bull's head ) with Aldebaran ( reminds us of the gorgeous male model, doesn't it ? ) One of the brightest stars, as they eye of the Bull. Aldebaran, follower in Arabic, always follows Pleiades, the other Taurus cluster.

Orion, the Hunter ( WALUKU in INDONESIA ), has bright stars of various colors; orange, pale blue, and bright blue. Orion is famous for the Great Orion Nebula, a cloud of dust and gas that looks like fuzzy stars.

The Lion, Leo constellation, is not easy to spot. it looks more like a sickle. This Lion is always accompanied by the great Bear Ursa Mayor, which is one of the biggest constellations.
so, if you are interested, you must have telescopes to see the stars. or join at Himpunan Astronom Amatir ! it currently has about 400 members, and this organization helps you learn and get to know more about the stars, the sun, the moon, in short, the science that's called ASTRONOMY.