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Art Director

The Art of Being an Art Director

First of all, who could be an art director ? Basically anyone. One doesn't have to have a specific educational background to work as an art director. Nevertheless, a degree in graphic design or working experience in an advertising agency is a plus. But of course, since art director will be working in a creative environment, he or she is required to have a strong sense of art.
Another requirement for being an art director is the ability to direct a photo session and to perceive the right angle for the picture. And although it is not not a must, an art director had better master graphic computer programs. Usually, after a copy writer or graphic designer has finished a concept for a product advertisement and has given it to the art director, the art director then presents the concept to the prospective costumer. Thus, presentation skills are necessary. These skills include the ability to communicate with the client and to graciously accept any remarks about the concept, be it positive or negative.

The Job Itself
An Art Director works closely together with a copy writer to make the concept of an advertisement. This concept is proposed by the account director and creative director for development. Before developing the concept, they gather as much information as possible about the product through qualitative or quantitative researches such as conducting interviews, FGD ( Focus Group Discussion ) or door to door questionnaires. After the concept is approved, the art director and copy writer create a storyline for radio, print and TVC ( TV Commercial ). If the storyline is OK, it will be made into a story board. The story board is given to a production house to be changed into a director board or shooting board. Based on this, the Production House ( PH ) then coordinates a photo session or an ad shooting. During the shooting of the ad, the art director makes sure that it is still in line with the director board. An Art Director can start his/her career as a computer operator or a junior art director. Here is the career outline: computer operator a junior art director a senior art director agroup head a associate creative director a creative director.

It's Fun, art director also have to be highly mobile, can meet a lot of people (even celebrities) and travel to a lot of places. Art Director is to make the client accept the concept. Sometimes, just because they are the ones paying for it, they want the concept changed the way they want. So, art director must always be ready to accept their complaints and sometimes, abusive remarks. But the Money is Good !