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Going to Campus

Sometimes, going to campus can be real pain. Not because of the lecturer or the subject, but because we have to prepare so many things upfront. There are the heavy, thick textbooks, the many pages of copied materials, the assignments, and many more. But there's always one thing for each of us that we eill never leave behind, and it may not always be the same thing. Here are some of the most interesting answers from the real campus goers.

Wallet. My wallet has so many functions. All of my ID cards are in it and so is my money. You can't really do anything without those, right? But most importantly, it is where I keep my girlfriend's photo. I can easily look at the photo every time I'm bored or need a little pick-me-up. Man! It absolutely boosts my energy and spirit! (Rico Jherico)

Handphone. It's just the must-bring thingy everywhere I go, especially to campus. I can easily call or send text messages my parents (or anyone else) when necessary. (Chelsea Oktaviani)

Of course my textbooks! For me textbooks are essential to help me make it through class. (Sarah Fawler)

Praying mat and outfit. I always try not to miss praying times. So, bringing my own praying mat and outfit will surely save me the trouble of borrowing. (Marshanda Kalau)

With the freezing air conditioner in the classroom and the super hot weather outside, a jacket is a must. A jacket a day keeps you in tune with whatever the weather condition is. (Roger Margo)

Finished reading the answers? What do you think? So, what's yours?