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Studying Abroad?

Ask: I've been wondering about studying abroad for quite some time. How do I choose the best university for a specific program? Are the universities graded? is it different in each country?
advice : Actually, there are no official ranks of universities decided by the host government. But usually each country has an independent agency to monitor and review the universities. There are many aspects involved in ranking universities, such as acceptance rate, research funding, and graduate's first salary. Different countries have different groupings, for example:
- Group of Eight (Australia)
- The Ivy League (USA)
- Top 50 (UK)
But it's wise not to choose a university based on ranking alone. You should also consider other factors such as class size, tuition fee, distance, culture, safety, etc.
Remember: ranking can be used to inform you about the universities, but they won't provide an easy answer.

Ask: A friend of mine is studying abroad now, and he said he received a grant for his studies. what's the difference between a grant and a scholarship?
answer and suggestion: I the education world, grants and scholarship have a similar meaning. Sometimes you will also hear the term funding, contribution, or award. Scholarship is given on the basis of exellent academic grades, applicant's potentials, etc. A student can get full or partial scholarship. Or he can get a tuition grant-a discount out of the total tuition fee. But usually, scholarship and grants are given for Master's students.