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Coffee and Tea ; Tastes and Traditions part 2

I bet you've heard of the Japanese tea ceremony, Cha-no-yu, before. It's a traditional ceremony originating from China and perfected by Master Sen-no-Rikyu in the 16th century. The essence of this ceremony is harmony, the harmony of nature, serenity, simplicity, and beauty.
There are some styles of carrying out this ceremony, but the main idea is the same. Let me tell you about the simplest style.
First the guest enters the room and kneels down on a tatami (mat). Then, he/she will be served very sweet Japanese traditional snacks. After that, the host will enter the room and make the tea using special utensils. When the tea is ready, the host will bow and give the chawan (bowl) of tea to the guest. Then the guest will bow, too, receive the chawan with the right hand, place it on the palm of the left hand, and rotate the chawan clockwise three times with the right hand. After the last sip, the guest has to wipe the part of the chawan, which has been touched by the lips, with the right hand, and rotate the chawan counterclockwise, then return it to the host.
Mercifully, it's not necessary to do this kind of ceremony every time a Japanese wants to have tea or to serve tea to his/her guests. They can just have tea like people in other countries do.

Swedes drink lots of coffee; in fact, Sweden is the largest coffee drinking nation in the world. It's the largest one in the world? yes!
They drink coffee, usually strong and black, pretty much the whole day; they have morning coffee, coffee break, coffee for launch and dinner time, and every time they have guests.
For special occasions, Swedes drink alcoholic beverages like cognac, Aquavit, or punch with coffee, either in separate glasses or just mixed with the coffee. Coffee is a must on most social occasions. And with an abundance of coffee-house in Sweden, people can spend hours there just socializing, relaxing, and of course, drinking coffee.
And do they have coffee without any snacks? Of course not!
There's a big assortment of pastry and cake you can choose from, but the most common snacks are cinnamon and vanilla buns. Yummy ....