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Coffee and Tea; tastes and Traditions part 3

The Philippines
Generally, Filipinos like to have some sugar and cream in their coffee. Only those who are real coffee maniacs drink black coffee. This kind of people want to preserve the real essence of coffee.
Pandesal, a kind of bun as small as a baby fist, is the most common coffee snacks. It can be taken as it is or with something like cocoa jam, cheese, or other yummy stuff inside. Delicious!
In this country, coffee is usually served during breakfast and after dinner. But due to the increasing number of commercial coffee shops, drinking coffee can be done anytime, especially in one of the mushrooming franchised coffee shops. A cup of coffee and a good conversation is always a perfect way of socializing.

Since the Ottoman era, coffee, known as "Wine of Islam" and the "Milk of Chess Players and Thinkers" has played an important role in Turkish social life. Over the years, coffee houses have become a place to meet and talk.
Turkish people like to put some cardamom in their coffee. The cardamom can be added to the coffee beans while they're being ground or the cardamom seeds can be boiled along with the coffee, so they're floating on top when the coffee is served.
As the coffee begins to heat, some froth will form. The froth is a must in the Turkish coffee ceremony since its absence on the surface of the coffee is considered a humiliation for the host.
Turkish coffee is served hot from a coffee pot called cezve. In a traditional coffee ceremony, after the guest drinks the coffee, he/she will turn the cup upside down on the saucer. Then the hostess will perform a fortune reading from the coffee grounds remaining in the cup.

Thanks to all friends for the info.