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Fun Facts of Tea and Coffee

Are you a tea addict? Or a coffee addict perhaps?
If you are, you should feel lucky since Jakarta and some other big cities throughout this country seem to have caught on the world trend to cater to this need more than ever. Take Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Starbucks, and Tea Addict, for example; these places are ready to entice you with their traditional as well as their brand new concoctions of tea and coffee. But if you think tea and coffee are only good for drinking ... well, think again. You may marvel at their benefits!

Coffee Time!
This black liquid may serve as a delicious drink; yet, many beauticians now suggest that their clients rejuvenate their tired skin with coffee scrub. Coffee scrub can be used to exfoliate or remove dead skin cells from your your face to your sole, thus leaving your skin smooth and stimulating blood circulation. You can try to make this invigorating scrub by yourself simply by using coffee grit from your own morning or afternoon cup of coffee and mix it with olive oil and coarse, big-granule salt. You can also add to the mixture any essential oils that suit you, like jasmine or lavender. As for acne problems, you can add bath salt to your coffee grit and use this mixture as healing mask. It works wonders on acne prone skin.
You may ever have wondered why your mom always puts coffee powder on a saucer or a platter in every corner of a room when there is a foul smell emanating from the room. The reason is coffee works as a great stink buster. Its strong natural aroma seems to be able to battle bad smells, and conquer them! Well, if not totally gone, at least the stink becomes more tolerable than before.

Tea Break!
As for tea, this soothing drink's great natural source of fluoride can help you prevent tooth decay. How? Obviously, the fluoride in it can cut down the plaque build-up on your pearly whites by controlling bacterial growth. A popular kind of tea that nowadays many people think can promote health is herbal tea. This combination of tealeaves with herbs is believed to have medical advantages due to its high content of antioxidants and other chemical substances that may lower high blood pressure and blood cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer, and even fight the troublesome flu virus.
Many people believe that drinks containing caffeine such as tea or coffee should be avoided, if not savored only in small amounts, by asthma sufferers. Actually, a few cups of tea or strong black coffee is beneficial for asthma sufferers as both tea and coffee contain alkaloid caffeine, which can open the air passage in those facing an oncoming asthma attack.

In short, these two wonder drinks are true blessing for human beings since besides promoting good health, they are so tasty that they are able to create an addiction. So, from now on do not hesitate to grab a cup of tea or coffee as long as you drink it moderately.