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How to Lose Weight

Hi friends .. If you want to know How to lose weight, especially around the waist and any way of reducing weight quickly but safely. I will give you advice and the information about how to lose weight. If you only want a slim waist and your weight ranges between normal to 20% above normal, what you need is not to lose weight, but to tone your muscles.

Sit-ups only tone up your lower abdominal. Bending your body left and right and rotating your midriff left and right help to shape your waist. For the upper abdomen, lie on a table with the upper half of your body hanging over the edge. Keep your arms on the sides or behind your head. Bend forward and backward. To tone up the upper thighs and backside, lie on your back with your arms alongside your body. Lift your legs alternately and stretch them upward using your stomach muscles. Do each of the above exercises 30 times on a daily basis. They don't necessarily reduce your weight, but they firm up your muscles and shape up your body.

If your weight is 20% above normal, you need to shed some pounds first before toning up muscles. Avoid food that contains a lot of calories and protein, especially in the morning and at night. A balanced diet with adequate calories is allowed at lunch, while low fat milk is recommended to replace breakfast and dinner. And no snacking! if this regimen works, in the first month you'll be smaller in size, but your weight will stay the same due to the body's natural mechanism of stabilizing weight. You'll lose some weight after consistently being on this low calorie diet for 2-3 months.

The recommended exercise is jogging because it burns more fat than aerobics, which burns more sugar. You can take appetite suppressants (not weight loss pills) under a doctor's supervision. Sweat it out!