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The Cellphone A Gizmo You Can't Live Wothout?

I was sleeping like a log when all of a sudden a familiar high pitched tune jerked me awake. It was 12.00 midnight. I got up to check my cell for an incoming message. Gosh! A friend of mine wished me a Happy New year. He knew that I usually spent New Year's Eve staying up late, watching TV and having a good time with my close pals. But not this New Year's Eve; feeling terribly drowsy and exhausted, I decided to put off returning the SMS and resume my sound sleep.

Did you ever have the same experience as I did? Do you always feel like you have to return messages the moment you receive them, never putting off replying? If so, you're probably 'suffering from' cellphone addiction. Worry no more. You're not alone. Indeed, the cellphone is now part and parcel of teen life. There's almost no occasion where they don't use this nifty gadget: school time, holiday time, or even at a birthday celebration on the top of a mountain. The more they're attached to their calls, the more their unforgettable moments about these gizmos.

For those of you who are thinking about buying a cellphone, I recommend you check out the latest features of cellphone and helpful tips. It elaborates and compares the latest features in cellphones of diverse brands. But don't get me wrong; a feature is only one of the many reason why one decides to buy a cellphone. Guys, the cellphone is just a means of making communications easier, but please remember without it we can still get in touch with people. So why bother if suddenly your cell stops working?