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Memorable Cell Phone Moments part 1

Cellphones are part of our lives. For some people they even have become a kind of basic need. Having one with us wherever we go, treating it as if it were our best friend, sharing some moments with it, and cherishing memories with it are some of the things that some people do with their cells. Here are some stories about cellphones shared by my friends.

It started when an SMS came in from a girl who thought that I was her brother. When I told her that I was not, she got angry and accused me of playing tricks on her. She even threatened that she would sue me. So I explained to her that I really was not her brother and she dialed a wrong number. Then we got acquainted and continued texting and calling each other from then on. We became boyfriend and girlfriend even though I was in Jakarta and she was in Surabaya. So from the time that we became acquainted and then became a couple for one year until we broke up, we'd never met face to face. ALl the things were done via cellphone! ( Choky Sitohang )

I just bought a 3G hand phone and showed it off to my mom. We were sitting and talking about my brand new phone on the porch of my house when my boyfriend stopped by. I put my hand phone on the rim of a glass almost full of water. Unfortunately, when my babe opened the gate, its vibration caused my cellphone to fall into the glass of water. That was the first as well as the last day for my 3G cellphone. (Marshanda)

I really can't live without cellphones. One day my cellphone suddenly went off even though the battery was full. I tried to recharge it, but it didn't work! Gosh, I totally panicked! It felt like the end of the world. Then I prayed, asking GOd to make my cellphone work again. I even promised God that I would be a better person if I could use my cellphone again. The day after, it was on again! I was very, very happy that God had heard my prayer. ( Claudia Bella )