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Backstage Access

Ever wondered how hectic things can get backstage of a lenong performance? How do these great, funny character get the jitters off their back? Performed as a part of the Jakarta Anniversary Festival, this show has all the right Lenong Betawi ingredients to make you laugh out loud! Not just entertaining, the performance was also educational. Don't worry if you don't know where Karet tengsin (an area in Jakarta) got its name from. The cast will tell you in the most convenient way: through humor and good acting. Thanks to the director's thorough research, we have learned more about our heritage, especially Betwai traditions.

The story Behind the name : Karet Tengsin
Along time ago in Tanah Abang area, there lived a very rich and nice man named Tan Teng Sin. He used to help other people regardless of their color and origin. When Tan Teng Sin was dying, everyone was sad. Some of the people even tried to give him the best medication they could get to cure him. But GOD seemed to have another plan for Mr.Tan. At the time he finally had to leave this world, loads of people even from far away lands, swamped his house to pay him their last respecs. Since Tan Teng Sin's house was surrounded by a lot of rubber trees, that area was named Karet Tengsin.