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Want to enjoy traditional culture, but have no idea where to go and what to see? here is the ultimate culture map for you so you won't get lost. What are you waiting for? Go for our unique culture, have fun watching the performances, and be proud of being part of all this cultural richness.

- Miss Tjitjih Building
Address : Jl. cempaka Putih Utara
Are you a fan of Sundanese culture or just curious about it? This is the right place to drop by if you want to see Sundanese traditional performances.

- Sampan Matsuda Center
Address : Kl. Cik Ditiro II/1 Menteng
Phone : 3923930
Smartly designed both as restaurant and traditional theater, this place offers seafood on its menu. Live performances are scheduled every Saturday, but the restaurant opens daily from 6 to 10 PM.

- Setu Babakan
Address : Jl. Moch. Kahfi II Jagakarsa
Phone : 7862861
If you want to know the real Betawi culture, go to Setu babakan on Sunday. There you can see dance, comedy, and lenong performance. You can also taste the many varietes of Betawi's cuisine: toge goreng, kerak telor, bir pletok, and many more.

- Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Phone : 8409214
No explanation is needed to describe what you can see here since it's Indonesia miniature, where we can enjoy cultural performances from different tribes in Indonesia.

- Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
Address : Jl. gedung kesenian No.1 Pasar Baru
Phone : 3808283
The heritage building has lots of performances to offer, almost daily. Don't forget to check out the website to performances date.

- Wayang Orang Barata
Address : Jl. Kali Lio No.1 Senen
With a weekly performance Saturday night at 8 PM, WO Barata has gained lots of loyal watchers.

- Saung Angklung Udjo
Address : Jl. Padasuka No 118
Phone : (022) 7271714
See what : Angklung performances, Sundanese dances, and Angklung training for beginners.

- Dago tea House
Address : Jl Bukit dago Selatan
Phone : (022) 2504912
See what : Sundanese traditional performances and art exhibitions

- Selasar Sunaryo
Address : Jl Bukit Pakar Timur No 100
Phone : (022) 2507939
See what : Traditional music, theater performances, etc!

- Gedung Kesenian Rumentang Siang
Address : Jl. Baranang Siang No1
Phone : (022) 4233562
See what : Traditional performing arts, especially Sundanese.

- Asia Africe Cultural Center
Address : Jl. Asia Afrika No 65
Phone : (022) 4234239
See what : Sundanese and other ethnic cultural performances