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Memorable CellPhone Moments part 2

Cellphones are part of our lives. For some people they even have become a kind of basic need. Having one with us wherever we go, treating it as if it were our best friend, sharing some moments with it, and cherishing memories with it are some of the things that some people do with their cells. Here are some stories part2 about cellphone shared by my friends.

My boyfriend and I bought some toasted bread one day and went home on his motorcycle. Since I didn't have my handbag with me, I put my black cellphone in the black plastic bag that I got from the toast seller. When we went over a road bump, suddenly the plastic bag slipped from my fingers and fell on the street. My boyfriend decided to stop and pick up the plastic bag, but before we did so, two men on their bike gave me my plastic bag. They instantly left again after I thanked them. When I checked the plastic bag, I was shocked to find only the toast and no cellphone. Then I asked my boyfriend to call my cellphone, but the men who had taken it didn't want to give it back to me. Gone was my cellphone ..... ( Dewi Sandra)

It was in the second grade of junior high when I bought my first cellphone. It was the latest model. Of course I took it with me wherever I went. When I spent a Saturday night at my friend's house, I had it with me. I put my cellphone on the table and chatted with my friends. Then suddenly the electricity went out. When it finally came on again, my cell phone was nowhere to be found! I didn't know who took it. But I couldn't stop wondering who else could have taken it if it wasn't one of my friends. ( Ayu Dinar Kartika )