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Memorable Cellphone Moments part3

Cellphone are part of our lives. For some people they even have become a kind of basic need. Having one with us whenever we go, treating it as if it were our best friend, sharing some moments with it, and cherishing memories with it are some of the things that some people do with their cells. Here are some stories about cellphones shared by my friends.

Arriving home from work, I felt very tired. I had just hung my jacket on a hanger and was taking a rest when I remembered that I had to call one of my friends. I looked for my cellphone, but I couldn't find it. I asked everyone in the house whether they saw my cellphone, but no one did it. Well, I lost it, I thought. Then my brother tried to call my cellphone. To our surprise, we heard it ringing in my jacket! My cellphone was there. ( Tukul Arwana )

I work in a mobile phone store. To perfectly promote the cellphone cum camera that we sell, I took pictures of myself each with a different camera, developed them, and put them in the shop's display next to the respective cellphones. So the costumers could see at once the quality of pictures taken with each camera. But one day came a naughty customer who asked, "If I buy this camera, can I get the girl in the sample picture as a present?"
I'll never put my pictures in the shop's display again. ( Inul Darastista )