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World Wide Art 1

I bet you are familiar with disco, break dance, or other modern dances. You also have heard music for ages. But do you know that many countries in the world have their own traditional dances and music? If you are really into arts and curious about it, just read on!

Brazil : Capoeira
Is capoeira an art or self defense? The answer is both! A result of the search for freedom in nineteenth century in Brazil, Capoeira now is very popular world wide. Watching people playing Capoeira is always interesting. Their hands, legs , and body move freely like ocean waves, accompanied by the rhythm from an atabaque (a specific drum of Capoeira) and berimbau (a one string sitar like musical instrument). Sometimes it's also accompanied by a pandeiro (tambourine). Learning capoeira means that you will also learn how to produce 8-9 different rhythms using those musical instruments.

China : Lion Dance
The Lion dance, or barongsai, as it is commonly known in Indonesia, was not a dance at all at first. Legend says that there was an evil creature, Nian, which attacked villagers in China. Since no one could beat the fierce being, they asked a lion to help them. Nian was defeated, but it vowed to take revenge. When Nian returned, the Lion was not there to help. So,the villagers made a fake Lion out of bamboo and cloth. They also banged pots and pans to scare away the Nian. The villagers have carried on this tradition every year ever since. The Lion dance has become a must see dance at every Chinese Lunar New year Celebration in world since several years ago.