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World Wide Art 3

USA : Square Dance and Line Dance
Square dancing and Line dancing are sometimes thought of as originating from the Wild West. The Line dance is a formation dance in which a group of people dance in one or more lines. There are several variations to the parallel lines set-up. There may, for example, be two sets of lines where the dancers face each other directly. Although Square dance and Line dance are not so famous here, sometimes people dance them when celebrating American Independence day, or at Western Festivals where English major students do these dances.

India : Kathak Dance and Tabla
Having watched many Indian movies, you'll see one main characteristic in them. An Indian movie always contains dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments. It's easily understandable because according to Indian philosophy, music must include those three elements. Home to many traditional dances and music, India invites other people to learn about their culture.
"KATHAK" derives from the worl 'Katha' or story telling. A Kathak dancer tells stories using all parts of her/his body, facial expressions and body movements. Previously performed in temples, this kind of dance now is popular world wide. Tabla consists of a set of two drums. Tabla is very popular among dangdut musicians in Indonesia.