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Gold Coins as Investment and Collection

Gold coins have been used as currency and investment since the discovery of coins. Some people make a coin of pure gold. Gold coin is practical and effective because it has intrinsic value. Gold can be exchanged, easily transferred and easily divided. Although it was divided, the value is not changed. Some people buy gold coins as a hobby to collect them. While some other people buy gold coins as an investment because it is a rare commodity.

Gold coin collector gold appreciates quality more than ordinary people. Maybe because they know the value of the coin behind. For them, the best collection is a beautiful gold coins, old, rare, made of pure gold and is an important and rare pieces of history. Gold coin is interesting because it has the beauty and durability. This entire collector knows this for sure. All of these gold coins have a different history. Indeed, gold coins are only used in some countries. And then hobby of collecting these coins appear to have pieces of rare history.

You know, there are several collections of gold coins is quite famous, such as Saint-Gaudens double eagle, Indian Head eagle, gold-Proof coinage, Panama-Pacific commemorative quarter eagle, eagle Capped Bust, Augustus Humbert eagle, eagle Liberty Head, Indian Head half eagle, Liberty Head double eagles, Indian Head gold piece and many more.

Saint Gaudens double eagle is one of the best gold coins. This coin represents the art of ancient Greece in art. This is a favorite of coin collectors. The collectors are hunting and competing to get it. The weight of this coin is about 1 ounce of pure gold. However, these coins are still affordable because you can find it in the form of mint. Another kind of gold that most valuable too is bullion. When you think about investment, you should consider gold bullion.