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It's Orientation Day

Hey Guys! So... college days are just around the corner. For freshmen, orientation day is probably the most anticipated moment. Will it be nightmarish? Or will it be really nice? Well, either way, it will be quite a new experience, right? Why we don't we learn and get prepared?

On my second day of orientation, I was late! As if being late was not enough, I accidentally stepped on the foot of one of the seniors. Naturally, I was punished. I had to sing 'Balonku' song in front of hundreds of my comrades and plead for forgiveness from the offended senior. What a terrible day!  (Dessy ratnasari)

Unlike many other new students, I took part in an orientation program that wasn't too bad. I even got a chance to show a little bit of my leadership skills. The seniors asked me to lead all of the new college students and have them get into the 0 formation. (Ariel )

At lunchtime, a few friends and I sneaked behind the campus mosque to have a smoke. Hey oroientation is stressful, right? We needed to chill out! Unfortunately, one of the seniors caught us. We had to stand up for hours under the burning sun and clean up the whole campus yard afterward. The yard should be spotless, totally trash-free. Afterward we were so exhausted. But one good thing came from that experience: now we are all best buddies! (Boediono)