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Going Wild in Halimun

Feel like exploring the beauty of nature? Gunung Halimun National Park, also known as Halimun, is the right answer for you. Located in Sukabumi, West java, Halimun house tons of tropical flora and fauna. Just pack your things and head there. Have Fun!
Halimun is easy to reach. Just take the road from Jakarta to Sukabumi, go down on Jalan Raya Sukabumi, and turn left when you reach Parung Kuda. You'll experience asphalt roads, and then off-road tracks, and forest tracks which are stone and sand or sometimes mud. But those challenges are nothing as soon as you reach Halimun.

Before taking up the challenge, you have to report your arrival at the Kabandungan office. In the park, your arrival should be reconfirmed at the Cikaniki Research Station, where a guest house is located. If you'd like to stay here, you need to book a room first. Another place to stay is an accomodation called Citalahab. You can rent a room or even camp on the camping ground not far from this humble guest house.

Going to Halimun is not about staying in a warm guest house; it is about walking and exploring nature. The first and nearest spot worth visiting is Curug Cimacan. As a guide will always be available for you, you will find it easy, yet challenging, to visit the curug (waterfall). Halimun house at least 5 curugs scattered in different locations. Another attraction is the famous canopy trail where you can enjoy the green scenery inside Halimun. You can also watch a lot of birds. If you happen to spend the night at Halimun, don't forget to look for glow in the dark mushrooms. It will be an exciting moment you'll never want to miss. For those who like climbing, don't forget to bring climbing gear, as Halimun has many cliffs to explore.

The tea plantation is the best thing there is in Halimun. Inside the national park is located Nirmala Tea Plantation. Rumor has it that you can even enjoy the sunrise from the plantation. As a wrap up, Halimun is a one stop adventure spot you don't want to miss. Visit it once and you will want to come back again and again.

Things you should remember before going there:
1. Bring special mountain sandals as the soil is usually wet and slippery
2. Don't forget to bring a raincoat and an umbrella. Sometimes an umbrella doesn't help at all.
3. Socks are important as it can be very cold at night
4. Extra battery cells and flashlight are needed badly.
5. Leave your mobile phone at home as Halimun is a blank spot are.