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The first time I took my cat Seno to the vet, it was because someone had beaten him, and his mouth was bleeding a lot. On the way to the vet, Seno escaped from the box. He ran through the park into an office building across the street. I ran after him, calling him, but he did not seem to listen. I was not a good sprinter, and by the time I got to the office compound, Seno was nowhere to be seen.

As I went knocking on every door in the building, asking bewildered people whether they saw a long-haired orange cat, I tried to convince myself that life would go on without Seno. Still, I kept thinking what his life would be like in the streets. Seno was such a spoiled cat, used to having his food put in front of him and sharing my bed. He would not survive in the streets. But if he could not be found, what would I do? It would be silly to go to the police and report a missing cat, right?

But to my surprise my worried expression roused the entire office building into action. The security guard looked for Seno under every parked car. People stepped out of their rooms and joined in the search. Finally one of them spotted Seno slipping into the sewer under the building. The gardener went to fetch a long hose. He told me to wait at the other end of the sewer while he hosed water into it to spook my cat into coming out. Three other security guards stationed themselves around the opening of the sewer, ready to catch Seno when he came out. After a few pitiful miaows, he finally emerged. I held him tight in my arms; he was soaking wet and still bleeding, but at least I did not lose him. Everybody burst into cheers.

Many of us have pets that we love very, very dearly; and why not? Our pets make us smile, make us feel needed and loved and they are less likely to have affairs with other humans ...:) plus, research has shown that pet-owners live longer and are healthier than pet-less people. And finally, don't forget to give fluffy and kitty a pat on the head, a scratch on the neck and a treat they love. In the case of my beloved Seno, who, regretfully, died nearly two years ago, it's a packet of vanilla-flavored instant cereal.