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6 Most Commonly Used Programming Languages

Programming languages are languages that were created for programming purposes. This circular definition is all that most people can come up with if you ask them what a programming language is. Here are some basic facts about programming languages as well as a list of the six that are most commonly used.

What Are Programming Languages?

Programming languages are the means by which programmers exert control over how computers operate. They are used to dictate how computers process information, express algorithms, and carry out their many functions. It is often a surprise to those unfamiliar with programming to learn that there are actually thousands of these languages in existence. You might think that there would be only a few standardized languages but this is not the case. Some are more commonly used but thousands of programming languages exist.

How Long Have Programming Languages Been Around?

Some computer programming languages have been around for along time while others are fairly new. Some have remained the same over the years while other are being updated and improved upon constantly. One of the reasons why so many different programming languages exist is because some are meant to be used by those who are programming novices while others can only be effectively applied by those with a great deal of programming experience.

Which Programming Languages Do People Need To Know?

The answer to this question depends on the project. Different people and companies use different languages in their work. The best way to prepare yourself to have a more complete understanding of programming is to have an intimate knowledge of as many of these programming languages as possible.

This level of expertise with any programming language takes time but your grasp of multiple languages will only serve to make you a more valuable employee in the programming field. Novice programmers will, understandably, gravitate toward the simpler languages as well as the more commonly used ones. They need to create some sort of footing in the programming world before they can think about any real expansion into the many facets of computer programming.

The Most Commonly Used Languages

With thousands of potential programming languages, you have to wonder which ones get used the most. Do some get used the majority of the time while all the others get pushed to the wayside or do all of them get used almost equally? There are a number of programming languages that seem to be used equally but the top 6 most commonly use ones are clearly the winners. For a number of reasons they have become the ones enjoying the most widespread use. Here are the top 6 most commonly used programming languages.

1. Java
2. C
3. C++
4. PHP
5. Javascript
6. Python

Computer programming languages are fascinating. The fact that new languages were created to give computers instructions is a mind-boggling concept for most. For computer programmers, however, these languages and being fluent in them is just one more part of the job.

Tom Rheinecker writes posts on where to get a master in computer science.