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History Of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses generally trick hosts or other types of equipment in the reproduction of copies of the invading organism. They spread from computer to computer through electronic bulletin boards, telecommunication systems and shared floppy disks. The viruses are caused by human programmers, created for fun or malice, but to start as soon as they spread, they take their own lives, so that disturbances, confusion and paranoia in their wake.

If the virus is found in one of the PC, the PC must be immediately isolated. The virus can be eliminated by an antidote to the study of viruses. The machine can be operated only after the virus has been eliminated.
And these viruses

A virus is a program inserted into another program as defined. Is activated by the host program. It reproduces and spreads to others through the transfer unit. A virus infected or user data each time the infected program the virus and has advantages and reproduce.

There are two types of virus, computer viruses, "worms" and "start."
A parasitic virus with other programs and is activated when the driver of the program running. These larger programs, while focusing on the opportunities for more active. It spreads to other computers when the affected programs will be copied. "Jerusalem" and "crime data" Viruses are parasites.

A boot virus is designed to fit in the boot sector of a floppy disk. It works by replacing the first sector of the disk with a part of himself. It hides the rest of the other sections of the disc with a copy of the first sector. The virus is integrated into the computer to start the program when the machine is loaded. Viral load, install the rest hidden by itself and then loads the original program. In a hard disk may contain virus-DOS boot sector or master boot sector.
Some viruses reported

C-Brain: Amjad and Basit, Pakistan's two brothers developed the software in January 1986, discouraged from buying pirated software at the price available. This was the most famous of the virus and not have a case of damage to millions of computers are. This measure will remain in the disk boot sector or close to zero on the ground. The virus is found in the device memory when the computer boots from an infected floppy disk.

MacMag: This virus attacks the Apple Macintosh computers. Not much damage is calculated on the basis of this virus. This was not noted in the IBM-compatible PC. He was a peace message on the screen and killed himself.

Cascade: This virus infects IBM and compatible computers. Seeing the letters on the screen was falling vertically down are collected through the screen for the virus in alphabetical order. This is a type of virus parasites. What you can for other programs and is activated when the driver of the program running. There will be other teams to copy the programs.

Jerusalem: Found in 1987 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the virus is designed to activate only the Friday, January 13 and delete all files running that day. It infects COM and EXE files. This is similar to the Cascade virus, parasitic in nature. The virus attaches to COM and EXE on erroneous data.

Daracrime / or virus Columbus October 13: The virus is similar to Jerusalem and was scheduled for 13 October 1989 attack. zero degrees in computer hard disk is destroyed and the contents of the discs are not readable. This virus infects EXE and COM files and damage the hard disk. An antidote known as vcheck has been developed by U.S. computer. Fortunately, the virus was found in March 1989 and reported the injury after October 13 was minimal.

Pump: This is also known as "logic bomb" and "Time Bomb." An event triggered in a program that the program is defined as a routine incident "bomb." In general, the "bomb", a program is inserted in a program held by a person in the business.