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Superhero in Book Story

Usually in the book story, have one or more character are strong, clever or have mighty power. The superhero to be main character in book story. Such as Natsu Dragnel in Fairy Tale. You can see the cartoon picture, Superhero Natsu Dragnel is dragon slayer helping Erza Titania the beauty girl character in book story.

Superhero always have different ability than other. Sometimes, superhero need help too. When the superhero after work out, need advice or special time when superhero lose fight againt the enemy, then the superhero need help from special character, ie the girl or support main character.

Natsu Dragnel is superhero in book story Fairy Tale. Beside Natsu, have some superhero Erza, Mitsgun, Lucy the key zodiac, sky dragon slayer as healing character and etc.
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