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8 Best Ways to Find a Gay Long Term Partner Through Online Dating

Gay online dating has a bad reputation for simply being a venue for casual hookups. But, there are definitely people out there looking for a long-term partner on gay dating sites. Many successful relationships have started this way, and you can certainly be part of one of the success stories if you go about it the right way. Here are eight tips to help you get started.

1. Choose your sites wisely – Some gay dating sites are definitely more conducive to finding long-term relationships than others. Of course, you want to avoid those that are obviously just for hook-ups. But, even among those that appear to be genuine "relationship" sites, some will have a better vibe than others. Look for profiles that are geared toward long-term relationships. If you don't see a fairly high percentage of those, choose another site.
2. Create a profile that gets noticed. Unfortunately, dating sites have their own unique way of creating competition. You do want to get noticed, so you must create a good profile. Be witty and funny, and take the time to share some unique things about yourself. And, by all means, post a good picture of yourself. But, be sure it's not a risqué picture, or you'll attract all the wrong kinds of guys.
3. Let your intentions be clear. Make it clear on your profile that you're looking for a long-term relationship. This will immediately weed out some guys you don't need to be bothered with and attract guys who are looking for the same type of relationship.
4. Chat and email – a lot. Take the time to chat and email with several different guys. You can learn a lot about a person this way. You may make some good friends even before you make a match.
5. Go on a lot of dates. Dating is still a numbers game. Most of us have to meet a lot of people before we find the right one. Keep the dates low key and casual, but get to know a lot of people.
6. Be yourself. Being someone you're not will not help you get a long-term partner. After all, no one can keep up a ruse forever. You're sure to be found out, and by then you may have lost a great guy.
7. Be open to different kinds of people. The guy of your dreams might actually be a lot different than you imagined him. So, be willing to forego your long held expectations of your dream guy. These expectations might just be the reason you haven't found someone already.
8. Have fun. Dating is designed to be fun. You won't enjoy the process, or attract a fun loving guy if you make the dating game too serious.

There's someone out there for everyone. And, gay dating websites can be a great way to find your someone, if you're patient and you know how to look.

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