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What must Do if studying at University

My little brother will studying at College, Putra Bangsa University in local area. This mean, my family need a lot of money to college studying. Although my brother have job, and have own salary, but I and my family keep helping to buy university book, pay college fee, transportation when go to school, etc. Hopefully my brother immediately graduate from college.

If studying don't need money, I am not believe. I heard if some university is not pay. But, we must keep buy the college books, sometimes pay university activity, so we must be clever and diligent when choose university and must hard study to get tittle. Support our family is important to help student spirits when school.

At least and don't forget, student must pray to GOD to be have ability to quickly finishing college. After that, get ideal job and start climb the career. So, our parents and all family be proud with us.